Tying into city sewer
Posted by BBlake on September 23, 2001 at 11:04:32:
I'm putting a 3/4 bath in the basement along with replumbing the main stack. I have excavated the floor and dug out under the foundation. The cast fitting under the footer is a Wye with a 3" line (reduced to 2") going to a floor drain which I can use for the shower and a 4" line going to the main stack. What is the best way to reattach the new PVC into the cast fitting and what is code? Should I use Oakum/Plastisheild, a rubber boot that fits over the hub and reduces to the PVC, snap the Wye and use rubber boots (but that doesn't leave much to attach to), or a rubber doughnut inside the hub with the PVC jambed inside it? Thanks for your help.

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