Re: Reglaze or Replace Tub (& what about Americast?)
Posted by hj on September 23, 2001 at 09:41:26:
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If you are going to the work of removing the wall, then reglazing should cost more than the price of a new tub. I have only seen one Americast tub chip, but due to the type of finish, repairing it requires a professional reglazer.

: I�m gutting our bathroom down to the studs and am looking for input as to whether I should replace the cast iron tub or simply have it professionally recoated. I had our tub recoated in our old home and it held up fine for the two years we lived there before moving � but I�m not sure how long recoats are expected to hold up. If I do replace the tub I need to decide between a traditional cast iron beast or an Americast model. Keep in mind that I and a helper will be doing an tub replacement work. I�ve heard good things about Americast � but saw one posting a while back that mentioned they chip easily � which surprised me. Anyone with experience or an opinion?

: Thanks Much!
: Ed

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