Re: Reglaze or Replace Tub (& what about Americast?)
Posted by Chuck on September 22, 2001 at 11:47:13:
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Nothing feels as good as cast iron, or holds the heat as well. The only problem is the 350+lbs for
a 5 footer. If your putting it on the first floor, no problem for two, If you have to go to the second, you may want an extra man. If your going to the studs, you might as well replace it.
Just my opinion.

: I�m gutting our bathroom down to the studs and am looking for input as to whether I should replace the cast iron tub or simply have it professionally recoated. I had our tub recoated in our old home and it held up fine for the two years we lived there before moving � but I�m not sure how long recoats are expected to hold up. If I do replace the tub I need to decide between a traditional cast iron beast or an Americast model. Keep in mind that I and a helper will be doing an tub replacement work. I�ve heard good things about Americast � but saw one posting a while back that mentioned they chip easily � which surprised me. Anyone with experience or an opinion?

: Thanks Much!
: Ed

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