Installing a floor drain.
Posted by Don on September 21, 2001 at 20:45:11:
I am currently breaking open the concrete slab in my basement where my washer and dryer are located. When my house was built, a floor drain was not installed where on would expect it; the laundry room.

I have located the sewage drain that runs under the conrete slab and have removed all of the gravel away from it. What I want to do is cut into the sewage drain (PVC) and add a tee that is reduced to accept the floor drain with the trap.

Looks pretty straight forward....Any suggestions before I break the pipe open and go to work? One note, the main floor toilet stack runs into the basement (vertical) with the cleanout and then goes 90 degrees under the slab on the horizontal.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated...Hate to have raw sewage all over my floor!!


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