Too hot showers! (where's the cold?)
Posted by Jill on September 21, 2001 at 15:41:19:
I live in an old shared house. I've noticed that we can't get 'cold' water during a shower. When you first turn it on, it's cold, then goes hot, and when you turn the dial (one handle, those octaganal clear plastic handles with one screw in middle)it's scorching all the way to the left ('hot) and very very hot all the way to the right (cold). While some of the roomies don't notice (liking very hot showers) I can sometimes barely stand to remain under it. Is this something I can fix myself unscrewing and fiddling with the knob or do I need to call a plumber?? (no one has plumbing knowledge).. help, my showers are becoming anxious experiences.... THANKS!

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