Re: Hot water in cold water line
Posted by hj on September 15, 2001 at 10:09:52:
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There can be several reasons for the problems, most of them because of the way the pipes are installed. About the only serious reason for hot water in the cold pipe would be a leak in the hot water pipe which is allowing the hot water to surround the cold pipe and create a section of hot water which is then extracted and then the cold water will flow through too fast to be reheated until the flow stops.

: For some reason or other the cold side faucet in the kitchen, the point nearest the hot water
: heater,will run cold for a few minutes, then switch to much warmer water, almost hot.
: A short time later it goes back to cold. No other outlet in the house appears to share this
: problem. Any suggestions?

: Tro Harper

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