Re: I hear water running!
Posted by Chuck on September 13, 2001 at 20:44:35:
In response to Re: I hear water running!
It may be the toilet running due to value not shutting off completely or the stopper letting water out of the tank. Sometimes the float gets
hung up. To see if the tank is not holding the
water hold the float in the position to make the
water shut off. If water drains out rather quickly then the stopper is the problem. If it
doesn't shut off with the float raised then the
valve is the problem. If you shut off the valve on the toilet supply and the sound continues, then it's something else.

: When I'm in one of my bathrooms I can hear the sound of water pressure--kind of like what you hear when the toilet is refilling. It is only in 1 of my 3 bathrooms. I can't find water leaking anywhere in the house. If I turn the main water off, the sound goes away. I hear the sound both at the toilet location and under the sink vanity. Any thoughts?
: thanks, Mark

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