Re: the Attack, Arlington VA
Posted by Terry Love on September 12, 2001 at 14:56:41:
In response to Re: the Attack, Arlington VA

I think it was hard for anyone to function in any kind of normal way yesterday.
The sense of fairness, and why this would happen raises so many questions.
A quick thought is for retribution, but then, really what does that even do.
There would be no clear eye for an eye in this case, with no target in sight that really matters.
We have so much more to lose, because our freedom has always been based on trust.
Something that other countries may not be familiar with.
We gain so much when we live in mutual trust. So little time is spent "covering ourselves", that to those that live in constant fear, it seems almost childlike, our innocence.
But it's this innocence that has allowed us our success too. It's our mutual cooperation that allows us to lead productive lives.

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