Re: repair slab leak or foundation?
Posted by josie on September 11, 2001 at 22:39:34:
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: The house is definitely shifting but the foundation guy says the way it slopes is like a slab leak. The plumber says it's probably the foundation and looking for a slab leak is really expensive.

: How can I tell whether I need a new plumber or a new foundation guy?

Had the same thing and since it was a leak first the insurance company paid to have the leak fixed had special plumbers come out and ran cameras down the sewer lines and yes that is expensive, $250 for the camera, 1200 for the repair of the pipe or rather replacement of the pipe and the insurance also paid an engineering firm to do elevation samples. Result? the foundation shifted and broke my sewer lines the insurance paid for what they were going to pay for, the foundation is out of my picket. So ck with your insurance company but fix it first then have the foundation fixed. Either way, the actual fixing of the foundation could very well mess up your sewer pipes or wherever itis leaking from again.
Sorry you are having this problem.

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