Re: New bathroom in the basement
Posted by Scott on September 10, 2001 at 21:58:09:
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: I am looking to install a new bath room in the basement. I have no plumbing experience but have been read alot on how to do it myself. My main concern is connecting to main water line the runs under the cement. Is this a feasable project for some with know experience or should I rely on the experts.

I think the best way to answer is relate an experience I had with my truck. I am a plumber but I read a lot of books on how to replace the cracked head in my chevy truck. Three weeks later I had the truck towed to the garage where my mechanic put the heads back together with the proper tools and knowhow it cost me plenty but it would have cost me about the same had I taken it to him in the first place. The moral of the story without the right tools and experience leave this job to a professional.

Good luck

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