low water pressure/flow: 'backwoods' well and tanks
Posted by Brad on September 07, 2001 at 01:38:23:
Hi. We went on vacation knowing our old redwood tank (~9'H X ~14-15' diameter) had sprung a bottom leak. I decided if it was empty upon return it would be best to replace it, as it is over a 200' climb and over 1/2 mile distance from the house. we replaced it with a 2500 gallon Poly tank about 40' head and 300+ feet from the house. I requested a 3/4" entry/exit fitting as the supply line to the house was 3/4". What I didn't know was that the line from the redwood tank to the 'water box' was 1", which created plenty of pressure despite the friction loss of a long run of pipe and the 3/4" pipe running to the house from the waterbox. After running 3/4" PVC from the Poly tank to the waterbox (about 78') I discovered the 1" pipe from the redwood tank underneath the water box. We have dismal water flow, maybe 1/2 gallon/minute. We have an old steel tank used for 'ag' water next to the new installation with 3/4" pipe and it has plenty of pressure with less head. Could this be a pipe size problem or a blockage somewhere? I ran a 'U' shaped section immediately after the tapping into the 1" line after capping the redwood tank line off to accomodate an offset (non-standard 90 or 45 degree) angle from the existing lines to the 78' run to the new tank. Could that be part, or all of the low pressure problem? If it is dirt in the supply line, would it be blocked at the pressure regulator (a Watts no. T23B) and if so where can I find a parts diagram for this model? If it is due to the 3/4" pipe and fittings from the new 2500 gallon tank to the waterbox, what size pipe is needed to bring the pressure and flow back up? The tank fitting is 3/4" female and the outer male threads are perhaps 1 1/4 to 1 1/2" at a guess... We've been without potable water for a month now, we kinda miss inside water! Bottled water is expensive too!!!

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