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Posted by Terry Love on September 07, 2001 at 01:16:39:
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: Terry....I saw in a post earlier in this message board talking about the need to hold the handle down on the Toto Drake. You stated if it is adjusted properly....there is no need to hold the handle down until the flush is complete. Can you give me bit of information on how to adjust the chain. Do I just need to get it as tight as possible without lifting the flap?? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Toto has been very good about sending out their toilets pre-adjusted. I have only worked on the chain ajustment on some old MS894 Promenince toilets. The chain should have just a little slack. The flapper will only stay up about a second. It seems to lift up and then close right away. Because the flush valve is three inch instead of the old two inch that most toilets have, it seems odd. It's really a great idea though. By having the big flapper, they can "drop" the water out with more speed. Not very much water leaves the tank. If someone tells you that modern toilets should "drain" the tank, then, Well......They just don't know what they're talking about. Most tanks will hold about five gallons of water. The only reason the tanks are so big, is for two reasons. To stack the water higher which creates more dropping force, and secondly, because we are so used to large tanks, that to put in small ones just wouldn't look right. Have you ever noticed with software, that even if the manual is a PDF file on the CDROM instead of a real one that looks like a book, that it still comes in a big box, filled with air? It's marketing products using what makes people feel comfortable. Change comes slow, and expections of what is right, is hard to change overnight.
If someone were to hand you a CDROM with software on it, it doesn't seem like much, but hey, a big box, and let me get my checkbook out.
Even though the tank size hasn't changed much, the way they work has. Only a little portion of the water in the tank is used in the flush. Most of the water stays around, meaning that they fill quickly after the flush. Terry

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