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Posted by Steve on September 06, 2001 at 22:09:59:
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: I just found out through a home inspection today that we have Blue Max Pipe. The house was built in 1989. What should we do?? Is there a law suit still open? Is it too late?

: Thanks

Around my area we call that stuff Big Blue. You I guess are talking about your water service,Iv'e never heard of Big Blue inside. I wasn't aware that there was a law suit against them either. But there is (was ) one against Quest who made polybutylene pipe for inside it's grey in color and uses special fittings at bends and connections. There are companies out there who that's all they do is replace Quest with copper. But anyway if you are talking about the water service, where we have replaced Big Blue, whole neighborhoods have been built using it. And like I said, to my knowlege none of our customers has mentioned any thing about suing the maker of that type of pipe. If it's a 1 inch service, they can pull 3\4 soft copper from the house to the meter and that would be alot cheaper than digging a whole new water service. They just use a winch and with a cable silver soldered to the soft copper it just pulls right through the Big Blue ( if all goes right) on a run less than 100 ft, theres only one hole to dig, At the meter

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