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Posted by Steve on September 06, 2001 at 21:53:21:
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: In a midwest climate- what would be better to replace a sewer line? PVC or iron or other suggestions. What are the pros and cons of both materials?

Id go with pvc, if it's glued right the pipes are welded by the glue, not just glued. Plus, pvc doesnt get nearly as much build up as cast iron. And if you used cast iron, these days they would probably use what they call hub and spigot pipe and what is called service weight gaskets, that kind of pipe comes in like 6 ft. lenghts (it may be 8 ft. I don't remember) but in any case that means every 6 or 8 ft. you have a joint. and a rubber gasket that in some years (like 20 or something maybe) they will start to deteriorate and eventually roots will get in the more joints the the better the chance of joint failure. Plus pvc is much cheaper to buy, and alot easier to work with,and if you have to go all the way to the tap at the street pvc is the easiest, because they make a saddle tap that is made to fit pvc I don't know if there is one for cast iron.

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