Re: No flange on toilet mount
Posted by Steve on September 06, 2001 at 21:06:42:
In response to Re: No flange on toilet mount
: Call a plumber since you apparently do not know how to fix it, and since we are not there, we do not know what material the pipe is and thus the best way to install a flange.

: : I just removed my toilet to replace it, and discovered there was no flange-indeed no bolting down of the toilet to anything. For 12 years it just sat there. There was a wax seal but it pulled up with the bowl. Now I'm left with a hole in the tile and what looks to be a thin iron drain pipe. Any suffestions?

You might try Home Depot, they sell a fix it flange that you get in either 3 inch or 4 inch it goes inside the pipe and has 3 allen screws that you tighten down which expands a rubber seal at the bottom of the flange. Then you have a flange.I bet it's a basement toilet. Iv'e seen some where they tried to make a "flange with mortar and then mortar the toilet bolts into the floor. You usually find those on the last call of the day at 10 minutes to 5 on a "simple" snake call.

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