Re: Sewage Smell In House
Posted by Steve on September 06, 2001 at 20:55:25:
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: I have a new house. When I do laundry I get a sewage smell in my house. Does any one have this problem or know what it could be coming from? Has anyone ever done a peppermint test to see if there is a leaking in the piping.........

I've heard of the pepermint test, but what my co. does is climb up on the roof and block off any other vent stacks and drop a smoke bomb(you get them at the supply house they look like a stick of dynamite!) and another guy goes around and looks for smoke like coming from under the foot of the toilet or from a floor drain. It might be a floor drain, they have a trap under ground and they don't get much use so the water in the trap evaporates and you get a sewer gas smell in the house. Take a pan of water and pour it into the floor drain and do some laundry and see if it still stinks if it doesn't that's it.

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