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Posted by Steve on September 06, 2001 at 20:06:57:
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: Hi!

: My pipes began to moan anytime water is on from any tap including outside, just started after the neighborhood water was turned off several times. Is it water pressure? Is there anything I can do to stop it--it's quite loud and occurs even if there is just a drip somewhere. All toilets, all sinks, dish & clothes washer, etc. ???????
: Thanks
: Nancy

You said they turned off the water in your area several times recently, well, that sounds like they did a dig up of a main nearby, and a dig up means mud and it's not hard to get some in the pipe (mains are big!) well, if they did, and you have this noise now the dirt probably found it's way to your water service and partially clogged it. like maybe at the meter, or closer to the house, I'd tell the water authority about it and when it started happening and that the co. or city was out doing work just before this and if they did it, I would think they would be liable for a new water service or at least flush out yours. ask some of your neighbors if they have the same problem. Start a class action suit againt the city( just kidding)

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