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Posted by Steve on September 06, 2001 at 19:54:36:
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: Hi Steve, Thanks for you mail. This is a mystery, we haven't had any plumbing done in atleast 2+ years. We bought the house two years ago in Concord CA. The strangest thing is that it is only happening when the faucets are opened full. Cold water dowsn't do it at all, but that of course backs up your suggestion. I will try to look under the house for any repair jobs and have it redone.

: Jens

: : : HI,

: : : We are having some nasty black greasy stuff coming out of the hot water faucets, when opening the faucets on full. This is so severe that the tub gets a thin layer all around and totally black. When we use real low pressure, we can avoid most of it.

: : : Our waterheater is 10 years old, the house is from 1970, and pipes are probably same age. Waterheater model is a Reliance 501 installed in 1991. Any suggestions to what might be the problem. Our local hardware store suggested grease in the pipe fittings, but there seems to be too much stuff coming out to be from the pipes.

: : : Hope you can help,

: : : Thanks,

: : : Jens

: : It sounds just like when you use too much flux when soldering just wondering if you had any other plumbing done recently for instance get a new water service installed? If that's it it should clear itself up soon as soon as it all flushes out.

You know, I was thinking about this and I have an idea that may be the cause, inside a water heater on the inlet side is a tube made usually of plastic that goes down like 6 inches from the bottom of the tank, it's called a dip tube and the only ones Iv'e ever seen are either light blue or clear or white, but that doesn't mean they couldn't be black too anyway when they get old they start to break up in little pieces and when you turn on the hot water it comes out, what usually gives you a good clue for this is that the aerorators on the sinks usually get clogged up and you don't get alot of water(hot or cold). you can change this thing but it's not worth the trouble because you can't really ever get all this stuff out of the tank, so you would still have the problem, and I don't know if you got a 10 year or lifetime water heater but being thatit's 10 years old now and especially if it's electric(they usually don't last as long as a gas)it might be time for a new one. but... if I'm wrong, you'd be out the price of a water heater and still have the problem, what do I know, I'm a helper(2nd year apprentice)

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