Re: elec. hot water heater woes...
Posted by K D O'Mara on September 06, 2001 at 16:11:45:
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: No, whatever the problem was two days ago, bad element(s) or thermostat(s), it overheated the water and you have been able to operate on that extra hot water since then. You will be able to get hot water again by pressing the red reset button, but you should have a plumber service the heater because it will just overheat and shut down again.

: : I've been in my new (new to me) home for three months. I have a 50 gal. Reliance water heater. Two days ago, the water was hotter than normal. This morning, the wife calls and says not hot water (she stayed at home today with the kids to do laundry!). Yesterday, the top of the tank felt warmer than the bottom. Did the thermostat for the upper element go out and apply full voltage to the element, then the element lasted for two days than kicke

I have just experienced the same exact problem with a 100 gal Reliance water heater. I will be taking it apart to find the problem this evening. If you have any further info from your experience, I would be interested in knowing. Thanks. - KO

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