Replace old Cast Iron Drain Pipes?
Posted by Ed Breyer on September 06, 2001 at 13:53:40:
I am about to replace the old steel supply pipes in my 110 year old house. I�ve noticed a couple heavily corroded/rusted spots on the larger drain lines that I will also need to replace. Since I�m going to have to open a wall or two to do this work, should I consider also replacing the cast iron stack and all associated drain/vent lines with PVC? What is the life expectancy of cast iron? Are there ways to tell its age and/or remaining life expectancy? Is it possible this cast iron pipe (which looks like the stuff I�ve seen in 50 � 70 year old houses) is original to the house? I�ve heard cast iron is quieter then PVC, and really don�t want to tackle this big job unnecessarily, but would hate to skip it and have the cast iron fail in a few years (we plan to be here at least 10 years).

Your thoughts are appreciated!

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