Posted by Mad Plumber on September 05, 2001 at 12:41:22:

Dear Travis,
I heared on the grapevine, that you have a smelly house.
There are many things to consider about smelly houses.
Why is the house smelly you may ask, you did ask that didn't ya? Hey! how comes you not answering me on that one, is you listening?
Well, anyway, Three things could be it.

First, Maybe dry traps or loose seal on toilet, but I'm thinking your plumber checked all of those things, Yep! I think he did.

Second, Maybe it's some loose pipe, or maybe unconnected pipes in the walls, Yeah, maybe that coulda happened, A smoke or peppermint test may help on that one. Putting a little smokie in the pipes and seeing if smoke comes out anywhere could be kinda interesting.

Third, Now I know this sounds kinda harsh, but do you think little critters could be up in the walls or attic just a pooping and a peeing all over the place? Maybe it's a dead critter just a laying and a laying there, getting nice and aroma like up there. Onct I saw a bathroom where I even found a little mouse nest with a bunch of dead mices, urine all over. I tried to scrub it with Clorox, Wheah! Not a good idea. The bleach and the urine combined and like to make me sick when it changed into some horrible gas. Does anyone know what that horrible gas is? I'm telling you, it is horrible!
Then I decided to paint over it with something like a stainblocker. I think I used that Zerolac stuff. It kinda sealed it all in and made it not smell anymore.
I also went around and found every single darn nook and cranny that the critters were coming in from and sealed them up tight. I carved up wood and made everyting tight where not even a fly woulda crawled past and even thinked about peeing inside those walls agin.

Fourth, I did say fourth to start with didn't I? You sure something like a cat didn't pee or spray on your air conditioners ore ventilation? I had a car oncet that a cat had peed or something and ruined the incoming air filter, but when I replace the dang thing the smell went away too. I didn't even know the car had one of those incoming air filters until then. Man, what will they think of next? Now I tie my dog next to the car at night to keep dang cats away from peeing on my air filter.

I'm hoping that your wife doesn't go batty on you, When you have a wife, you like them non-batty, you know what I mean? Keep her from going batty if'n you can and maybe things will be good. Find that smell and gid rid of that.
And let us know when you figger it out, caz we'll want to know what happened with that smell. Now you got us all interested in smells. Now whenever I walks in to a model home, I'll think of your smelly one.
Mad Plumber

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