Posted by Travis in Denver on September 05, 2001 at 00:15:51:
Terry, anyone please help us!

We recently moved into a model home built approx 3-4 years ago. Over past couple of months living here we have noticed a worsening sewer smell....worse at the top of the stairs and in the hallway of the upstairs of our 2 bedroom home. The builder's plumber has come out....checked the water traps, resealed the toilets and checked the vent pipes (in the attic, so far). It still persists and is driving us crazy.

The smell goes away when the air conditioner runs and is the worst when we leave a couple of windows open upstairs, the AC off and let the house sit while we go to work and come home in the evening. When we come home, it is AWEFUL!

We would appreciate any advice. Please help us before my wife goes batty.


Travis in Denver

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