Dishwasher leak!
Posted by Lisa Thoerle on September 04, 2001 at 19:23:05:
My seven-year-young ever-so-nice dishwasher has sprung a leak.
The leak seems to come out of the bottom of the door. I dissected
it, to the best of my limited ability, and found that the funny little
squishy gasket (seems to be some sort of soft plastic shield on top of
a sponge sort of gasket), along the very bottom of the door,
is absolutely soaked with water. The water
leaks from the length of this soaking thing. I think it looks as though
this thing shouldn't really be getting wet at all--it is below the level of
the tub and the internal door opening.
The machine has a twenty year warratny on the tub and door liners.
Could this be a problem with the door liner? It seems to be intact.
This is our first-ever dishwasher, so I'm not familiar with failure modes.
I also don't know if it's crazy to consider repairing a seven-year-old
machine? It is a Maytag "Jetclean"
Any ideas most thankfully received.

--Lisa with a damp kitchen

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