Re: What are your opinions on Elger Toilets
Posted by Anita on September 04, 2001 at 17:13:32:
In response to Re: What are your opinions on Elger Toilets
: I have four of them in my house, and do not own a plunger, if that helps.

: : I am just wondering if anyone has an opinion on Elger Toilets.... I really like the way they look, but do not want to get stuck with toilets that clog constantly... I am building a new house, and any comments are appreciated...

: : Thank you

: : Todd

I have had terrible luck with them. I had to replace one when I moved in, and unfortunately for color reasons bought another. We also have Eljer sinks and they have not worked well, and parts are hard to get. I would never do it again. In contrast the Toto we bought is great. Even a cheap American Standard for the basement works better than the costly ELjer.

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