Danze kitchen faucet
Posted by A. McAskill on September 03, 2001 at 14:07:29:
We purchased this product less than a year ago and three months ago it bagan to leak. Immediately, we returned the fixture to the hardware store where it had been purchased. Athough the could do little more than give us a repair kit and the famous 1-800 number, the rest would have to be up to Danze. The problem is the shaft/stem going through the round ball has broken, shooting water up into the handle. Canadian Tire can't help with parts. This faucet cost us $129.00 and after less than a year - done!!!
The 1-800 number-a waste of time and energy! The company has been contacted three times and messages left with them. They will be contacting me as soon as possible. The first message was left one and one half months ago, the last three weeks ago. Either their costomer service department is very busy or non existant.
There is a good part to this situation. My wife and I have a new hobby. Whenever we happen to be in a plumbing supply store, we spend a little extra time talking ot other customers about our experience and directing them away from Danze products.

With Danze not calling us back we are now looking at $269.00 for a new faucet because we won't buy Danze again. We took great pleasure by standing in Canadian Tire and turning people away from Danze products. Just so you know!

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