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Posted by Deb on September 03, 2001 at 12:54:06:
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: : After my husband told me I was on my own for all the little honey dos on my list, I enlisted the help of a man that I work with. To make a very long story short, he replaced my Delta One handle tub & shower faucet and back plate. After he was out of the house I saw that there is at least a 1/4 gape between the faucet and shower wall(Plus he grouted behind it but there is still a big opening). Now, when I turn on the shower some water drips from the faucet as well as the stem that pushes in to turn the shower on. This is an older house( 20 years) . The stem is located inside the shower handle plate. What is causeing this leak. The old stuff worked just fine but it was ugly. Please help a woman who knows nothing.
: : Thank You,
: : Deb

: The old cover plate was probably bigger than the new one and the original tile hole was made for that shower valve unless the guy that put the new valve in got it just a little higher than the old one and its now off center.If there is more than enough space on the top and the bottom part of the hole is showing you have to cut off just that much of the hot and cold risers( the 1/2 inch copper supplies on either side of the valve) and use slip couplings and re-solder them. Also if you take off any from the risers you have to also take off the same amount on the bottom that goes to the tub spout. Also you have to Add that much to the riser to the shower head( the pipe that goes to the shower head) I hate shower valve repair because I'm chicken and I freak out when soldering inside a wall with very litttle space and I can't see what's going on inside tell him to keep a spray bottle handy and keep soaking down the drywall and studs. Be a safe "wuss" and not a homeless Rambo.

Thanks Steve I will relay the message. The plate look the sime size and there was a genours hole around all the vaules on the inside. This sounds complicated.

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