Re: broken flange
Posted by Mark on September 03, 2001 at 10:17:41:
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You have two options: If the flange top is flush with the tile, you can add a flange extention ring which is basicallylike the top of the flange you have there now, minus the hub for the pipe to glue into. This flange extention must be anchored through the old flange into the concrete and siliconed between the old flange and the extention. Or Second: If you flange is above the tile, you can get a spanner flange. This is a half moon shaped piece of metalthat slips under the flange and the johnny bolt, goes through the spanner flange and the spanner flange is held down by the existing flange. If you existing flange is not anchored well, you will continue to have problems. Good Luck! Feel free to email with further questions.

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