Re: quiet toilet for condo living....
Posted by Chuck on September 03, 2001 at 09:37:44:
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: : looking to replace two toilets in our condo. we have neighbors below us and next to us on the related bathrooms. seems that plumbing noises seem to migrate from one unit to another. what toilets in the low to medium price range would perform very well regarding our situation? noise is our first consideration above other characteristics of a good toilet. thanks for any help.

: Get the Khoeler one piece it cost a little but they look good and they are real quiet plus Koeler makes good stuff even if I cant spell it right.

I agree with Steve, the Kohler once piece Santa Rosa at Home Depot works better then my American Standard 5+ gallon. It may leave a little residue, but everything else goes. The Santa Rosa is elongated, I can't talk for the other models. Also there's no splashing and it works off of gravity, like the old models, just less water. The cost $250 white and $350 color, as I recall.

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