Re: Toto Ultramax vs. Am. Std. Cadet
Posted by roy on September 01, 2001 at 08:03:49:
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Thanks for your comments. Now I'll explain why I wanted the comparison.

I've been suffering with three of these Cadet toilets for over 2 years and am getting fed up with them.

Worst of all, the flushing is horrible. I'm no expert, but between the tight bend in the toilet's drain and the low pressure coming from the tank, double-flushing is practically a given.

The toilets get clogged all the time because there's not enough force to flush what I consider a reasonable amount of solid waste. My younger kids don't understand when the toilet doesn't completely flush, so they've flushed a second time after a clog and I've wound up cleaning several floods.

And, just to add insult to injury, the float/flapper mechanism seems cheap. Out of 3 toilets, only one seems to flush correctly. In the other 2, the flapper almost always shuts off the water before all the water is out, so we have to hold the handle down to get a complete flush.

I called Am. Std. about this and got someone knowledgeable about the toilet. I was told to put the "yellow float" that's on the flapper chain down tight agains the flapper and then I'd get about 2 gal per flush instead of 1.6. Well, when I checked the toilets, 2 of them already had this done so that really didn't solve the incomplete flushing.

So, after this long story, I'm really considering replacing these toilets, but I didn't want to run into the same situation with a replacement.

Thanks very much for your input. It confirms what I suspected about these toilets.


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