Re: Toto Ultramax vs. Am. Std. Cadet
Posted by Terry Love on August 31, 2001 at 13:53:54:
In response to Re: Toto Ultramax vs. Am. Std. Cadet
It's not even close.
The Toto design is based on a new concept. Japan has been doing Ultra Low flow since the 70's the US has only started to play catch up with them beginning in the 90's

If you compare the low end Toto and the low end American Standard, they are close.

When you go to the high performance, (ie: you can spend a bit more) you get a much different animal.
Americans, seem to spend very little money for toilets, preferring to complain loudly to anyone that will listen, rather than bite the bullit and purchase performance where it woud matter most.

The best performing toilets will be for more than $200 US.
Builders will not spend that much, and why should they, until consumers compensate them for the upgrade.

In 1974, the auto industry changed the way cars were sold. They cleaned them up for the EPA and added safety features. All of these things added to the cost, which consumers wound up paying for.

We now have cleaner air, and fewer highway deaths.

Let's cut the Crap America, it's time to move off our duffs and consider the next option. You can get performance, you will need to pay for it. It's there for those that want it.

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