Re: Copper vs. Kitec vs. PEX for repipe
Posted by MIke Carper Aceduraflo Pipe Restoration Inc. on August 29, 2001 at 13:33:10:
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I don't think you should repipe at all. My company does pipe restoration. We will take your existing system, dry it clean all the encrustation out then clean it.We then coat the pipe with NSF, IAPMO,AND UPC approved EPOXY. There is no demo of walls and or ceilings. THat means your home will not be torn apart for the repipe. We can generally complete a typical 2-3 bath house in two days. To get more information go to our web site Please help my husband and I decide which to use when we repipe our house. We live in Santa Clarita, CA and the water is very hard. We were involved in a class action lawsuit filed against the builder who used shoddy galvanized pipes. We have had numerous leaks and our water is orange due to rust! We won the case and are now ready to repipe. I know most prefer copper but the plumbers in our area suggest either Kitec or PEX. Which is better and why?

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