Re: Foul smell in furnace/laundry room (sulfur?)
Posted by milady on August 29, 2001 at 04:33:23:
In response to Re: Foul smell in furnace/laundry room (sulfur?)
: We bought our house just over a month ago and haven't had the furnace pumping out heat yet but have had the humidity control running. Tonight I noticed a horrible foul smell that reminds me of sulfur coming from the room (it's about 15' x 8' and the window is even open a crack in the room).
: This is the first time we've smelled it.. Is this dangerous? Any suggestions? ICK!!

uhh..turns out it wasn't the furnace after all.. it just so happens that the laundry room also acts as our server room.. and one of the UPS batteries was leaking, releasing sulfur dioxide.
but thanks anyway ;)

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