Water overflow from tub
Posted by Deb June on August 28, 2001 at 11:42:32:
I just recently bought a house (so I'm a new homeowner). The night before the house closing, the previous
owners mentioned that they took a bath (they normally took showers) and the water rose over the water
overflow plate in the tub. Afterwards, they noticed that the ceiling of the room below the bathroom had
water in it so they poked a hole in the ceiling to drain the water and then patched the ceiling.

Question is how do I properly diagnose and fix the problem? I noticed that the overflow plate doesn't have
a gasket. Does it need one? What do these gaskets do and what kind do I need to get if I need one?

Could there be something else that I need to diagnose besides the gasket?

Thanks in advance for the info!

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