Re: How to replace Cuthbert Shower Diverter
Posted by Frank Dufus on August 28, 2001 at 08:06:35:
In response to Re: How to replace Cuthbert Shower Diverter
Chris (& Others),
I too took a stripped Cuthbert shower diverter handle off yesterday.

My local "has everything" supplier won't find
a replacement diverter unless I bring the old one in - which I'm not going to do quite yet.

Did your brass pipe have fine threads on the
inside too?

Did you find out what is inside? ie. how to
remove the old diverter stem?

Did you find a Cuthbert (or other) Part No.
for the replacement?

Thanks a lot!'

: Now, I am looking at a brass pipe coming out of the wall. Inside the pipe is the stem that the diverter tap fits over. There appears to be a rubber gasket that fits tightly around the stem and fills the diameter of the pipe. I can't get the gasket out because there is nothing to grab on to.

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