Rough in all wrong
Posted by Kent on August 27, 2001 at 21:30:42:
We bought a 12 year old house which in the basement has a laundry room and roughed in 3/4 bath, back to back, sharing a wall. In the shared wall is the main waste stack.
Based on finishing the rest of the basement it would be ideal if the 2 rooms could be turned into one. I have figured out a foorplan that would require moving the toilet stub and the shower stub to new locations but leave the main stack where it is.

breaking up the concrete doesn't scare me too much, but I would like to learn a little more before getting permits and firing up the concrete saw.

Is there a DIY way to map out the under concrete pipes so that I can plan to cut concrete only where needed? I am assuming that based on drain slant already under concrete, I can most likely move the current fixtures about the same distance from main stack as they are now, just in different orientations, correct?

How thick is basement floor concrete typically? When getting close to the main stack should I cut a small square around the stack and leave it, or try and knock it off? Can a bath sink and the utility sink/washer drain use the same 2" drain?

Thanks for your time and experience!! Kent

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