Price Pfister Shower Valve
Posted by Ken Adam on August 27, 2001 at 20:56:18:
I moved into a 3 year old house and discovered that I have a low flow rate out of my shower head. I have plenty of water pressure and flow in the separate tub with separate hot and cold valves. I assume that it is due to a restricter in the shower valve. I have tested it with the shower head removed. It looks like I have an R89, O89 Single Control Showers valve. It is mounted in a tiled shower stall, with the decorator/cover plate sealed with RTV to the tile. Is there any way I can improve my flow rate working from the outside, or am I looking at the installation of a different valve by a professional plumer. I took everything off from the front that I could, hoping to find a cartridge, but no luck. I then found a line drawing of the valve online, and can't see anything that I can do myself.

Any suggestions.

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