my sump pump just doesn't sound right????
Posted by Beth on August 26, 2001 at 07:29:28:
My sump pump is located somewhere in the crawl space under our ranch. When we get a good soaking I can always hear it doing it's job. We've had a pretty good soaking here the last couple of days and now it sounds like it's going off constantly for only about 3 seconds at a time. Is this normal? Have my ears only started to notice the thing? The pump is about 3 years old in a new construction and the thing is I'm scared to death to crawl under the house to check it out and there appears to be no access to it from up here, where it's dry and there are no spiders. And, am I crazy because I want to understand this machine myself and I feel bad about sentencing a plumber to exploring the scary spaces under my house?

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