Damp slab
Posted by Cynthia Gockley on August 26, 2001 at 07:12:53:
Dear Mr. Love,

I live in Mountlake Terrace in a cinder block house built in 1952 on a concrete slab foundation. Ground slopes away from the house on all sides.

I had new vinyl installed in my kitchen last year because the old vinyl had shrunk. When lifted, the concrete slab was quite wet. A plumber was called, and he diagnosed the problem as a leaky valve on the washing machine. A week ago, I notice bubbles forming under the new vinyl. I can't see any obvious source of a leak. Hoping to install new pergo flooring in a bedroom (in another part of the house), I pulled up the carpet to find the concrete slab in that room also soaked. I suspect there is a slow leak somewhere, possibly in the slab itself. The whole slab feels wet and carpet throughout the 1000 sq ft house mildewed. Is it possible for a plumber to detect where the leak is originating without tearing out walls or flooring or costing big bucks. If so, do you provide referrals?


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