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Posted by David Seitz on August 24, 2001 at 20:30:00:
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: I had a bad experience with the tankless water heater. When installing the system I was warned to purge the pipes of air pockets, which I did. I'm not connected to any city water supply system, I have a cistern with a whole house filter. My problems came into play when replacing the filter, remembering to turn off the heater at the breaker box then purge the line of any air at the nearest faucet. Or if the cistern is empty the pump runs dry, then (after water delivery) while priming the pump air is introduced into the water lines. The air pockets tend to collect at the heater and burn up the non-replaceable thermal sensor. If there was some way the unit could shut down the heater elements until the unit does not detect any air, the unit would probably work out. But, after one incomplete purging of air the unit burned up. The company that sold me the heater said they would warranty the heater, but it would take 3-4 weeks before a replacement could be sent. I'm content with my big-tanked water heater, for now.
: : what do you think about tankless hot water heaters?
: : i have a new 5,000 sq. foot home, and i travel a lot, and i am single..... what brands are out there?
: : .........
: : also on another note, do they make water softners that you trust, that use either magnets, or electric, to make the water soft, instead of salt or chemicals?

Unfortunately most tankless water heaters do not have protective circuits against what is referred to as dry fire.
The SEISCO does along with a great many more patented features. See for current technology for tankless water heaters
and if we can help you in any way contact us toll free at 1-888-296-9293.

This is not intended to be advertising but a sincere desire to assist you with your problem.

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