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Posted by Dax Unterreiner on August 23, 2001 at 17:49:28:
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Thanks for the info hj, but I am still looking form some advice on what to replace the PB with. I would like to go with copper but
as I said, I have heard that it may not be a good choice.
: How old is the house? If the plastic fittings were replaced with copper, I believe that extended the time frame for the class action repiping. In addition, I do not know if changing ownership affected the class action. Call 1-800-356-6496 and see if you are still covered. If you are they will repipe with CPVC, unless you wish to pay extra for copper.

: : My house was originally built with Polybutylene. It was subsequently repiped with polybutylene with copper fittings (all before I bought it).
: : I am in the process of renovating a bathroom and replacing my hot water heater. In addition, I am going to renovate the kitchen and the other bathroom
: : in the near future. So, I thought that since I had all of this plumbing work to do anyway I would over time replace all of the polybutylene with copper
: : which is more familiar to me and I know how to work with it. However, I have heard conflicting advice on using
: : copper. I have heard about everything from pin holes to dirty pipes to lightning (repipe would run through the attic). I addition many
: : people say that CPVC or PEX is the way to go. Do you have any advice on why I would not want copper or
: : why any of these other piping systems would be better?
: : Thanks

: : PS I live in FL if that has any bearing.

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