Re: Vent stack though wall instead of roof?
Posted by Janice Kay Sims on August 21, 2001 at 19:02:25:
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: Instead of penetrating the roof, can one effectively terminate a vent stack through a wall? Might there be any new technological advances enabling one to do so today? I have very tall walls (greater than 15 feet) in case that makes a difference.

: Jeanne

There is nothing in principle which prevents you from running a vent pipe through the wall of your house instead of going straight up. I'm assuming you are also wanting to "angle over" from an interior vent line, through the wall, and then up.
Check your local codes, make sure a plumber sizes the vent line correctly, and place the vent far enough above the pitch of the roof so that wind whipping over the roof will not push vent gases back into the house.

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