bathroom drain fiasco
Posted by Gabe on August 21, 2001 at 14:20:32:
I pulled out the floor and a single wall in the bathroom for rennovations and will be doing some major plumbing overhauls. Currently the toilet sits next to the stack. The bath and sink both drain into a 2" pipe which connects into the short 3" toilet drain and then it all dumps into the stack. None of it is vented separately and the only vent in the house appears to be the main stack. I want to switch the locations of the toilet and sink. My plan was to move the toilet 2' away from the stack and exten the cast iron with 3" PVC. I was going to put a sanitary tee in just downstream of the toilet (between it and the stack) to tie in the sink and bath's 2" line. Does this sound appropriate? Should I be concerned that there are not vertical vents associated with any of the fixtures? Thanks for any advice.

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