flushing jacuzzi pump
Posted by Tom on August 18, 2001 at 13:28:06:
We have recently purchased a home that is equiped with a jacuzzi tub. It was made of cultured marble and
because of a crack in it we had to have a refurbished. Before this we had never ran the tub. After waiting
to finally use it, we filled it, and turned on the jetts. We were greeted with a ton of "mold", something
possibly organic, coming out of the jets. We thought that just by running the jets with a filled tub on a few
occasions that this would rid the pump (or pipes) of whatever seemed to have settled in there. This is not
the case. Just when we think that the jetts are running clean, we'll fill it and run them again to see, and sure
enough mounds more "crud" will be shot out of the jets. Do you have any ideas as to what this foreign
substance may be, and if so, how do we get rid of it? Is there possibly a cleaner that we could run through t
the pump to clean out whatever it is that's in it?

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