kitchen counter remodel/replacement
Posted by Chris Gardner on August 15, 2001 at 16:13:40:
I know that every situation is different but I am just throwing this question out there in case someone might have some feedback. My house was built in 1922. The laminate on the kitchen countertop looks to date back to the 1970s, possibly late 60s. It is in good repair. There is one area (about 1/2 inch) that is bubbling up a bit. There are two areas we wish to get new laminate installed. The sizes are maybe 9 ft by 4ft and 10 ft by 3 ft (including sink space). We were told by a business that they could not lay the laminate directly over the existing. They estimated that the cost of the laminate vs. preformed countertops would be the same. $1000+ not including materials. They insist that the countertops need to be rebuilt and this is why the price is being hiked. Does this sound relatively plausible?
Thanks for your time.

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