Mom! The toilet's gonna overflow!
Posted by Yolo County on August 15, 2001 at 15:28:52:

Dear Terry -
Thanks a million for your helpful, informative website.
We bought a huge, luxurious house with every amenity about ten
years ago. Well, every amenity except functional toilets... We have
"made do" for all this time, but when a guest suffered the
embarrassment of stopping-up a toilet and ruining 500 dollars worth
of neighboring carpeting I said, "No more!" and sought to become a
toilet savant.
I have learned more from your website than from any other source,
and my level of knowledge concerning toilets is far superior to that
of my plumber or my trusted handyman of 25 years service. These guys
wanted to replace my old Kohler Wellworths with new Kohler
Wellworths! They both told me that 1.6 g. toilets "just plug up and
that's it..." On the strength of your recommendation, I made a 30
mile drive to get a Toto Ultramx to try in one of the bathrooms and
hallelujah!!! We will replace all the old cheapos one-by-one and I
pray I will never again be awakened, as I was last night, with the
cry, "Mom! The toilet's gonna overflow!".
I'm thinkin' the time is right to hire myself as a toilet friends are tired of listening to me, but I believe
Californians in general would pay!
Thanks so much for your help!

Yolo County, California

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