Crane Plumbing toilet- bowl #4490
Posted by Mark Wilson on August 12, 2001 at 23:52:49:
I own a Crane Plumbing brand toilet bowl #4490. I must say that I am completely dissatisfied with it's performance. I always have to double flush. That's the first of two problems. The other is it's rinsing power. This toilet doesn't work like most do. In fact i've never seen another one like this. I bought it for it's low price of around $80. This toilet doesn't have holes in the rim to rinse the bowl. It just has an open slot in the front which supposedly if it worked right would flow around the bowl and rinse the whole thing. But actually it only rinses half the bowl. I'm very dissatisfied and it gets dirty frequently. Any suggestions on why this is? By the way my friend has a toilet similar to this and hers works fine. It DOES rinse the whole bowl. Does mine just have a defect or something? Did I just get a dud version that somehow slipped on the store shelves? Someone please help me out!

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