Cast iron or copper for DWV in new basement branch
Posted by Elin Pedersen on August 12, 2001 at 22:32:17:
Just got my building permit - great, except it turns out that PVC and ABS are banned in my neck of the woods.
So it looks like I am left with a choice between cast iron and copper. How do I choose?
The new branch I am putting in will connect to the main stack which is 4" cast iron and there is enough slope to accommodate even a 3" pipe. The new branch line must be at least 3" and approx. 30' long to accommodate 1 toilet, 1 washer, 4 sinks/tubs.
I believe that most California codes accept no-hub connections of cast iron below ground, but I need to dbl.check.
I hope that you can advise me on this:
- what are the issues in choosing between cast iron or copper?
- is this a job I have any chance of doing myself (I am pretty smart but an amateur nevertheless)?
-- elin

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