old well water pipes in basement not capped...
Posted by Holly on August 11, 2001 at 20:14:37:
We have 2 strange horizontal pipes coming out of our basement foundation, from the old well
(we now have city water).

What makes them strange is that whenever the previous owners converted to city water,
no one capped these pipes! Up until today they posed no problem, until we had torrential
rains and water just POURED into the basement from them, like an open faucet. No idea
how the water got into the pipes, because we assume if they go to the old well, the well
water isn't pressurized anymore (no pump), so maybe the pipes cracked in the yard and
drainage water got in.

Our question - can we just cap both of these and then ignore them? Or should they be removed
further out in the yard?

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