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Posted by hj on August 11, 2001 at 16:07:36:
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I am not sure what they mean about a "certified" gas line unless they are referring to the flexible connector to the thermostat, in which case it, and possibly the gas valve can be easily replaced. The combustion air source can be supplied by a vent near the floor and one near the ceiling, as long as they do not vent into a garage. Or you can install a pipe from the attic down to near the floor for the combustion air and a vent in the ceiling for the exhaust air. It depends on the house configuration as to the best way to provide air in and out of the room. The relief line going up can be a problem, since that usually means the utility room is in the middle of the house with doorways in all the adjacent walls. If this is the case, then it is very difficult to run the relief drain pipe to the outside of the house. I have done it several ways, but usually after some discussion with the building department about why it was better than moving the water heater outside like they were recommending.

: Terry,
: I am selling my house and have just received a home inspection report. The report states that the gas water heater in my 30yr old home is a severe safety hazard. From the report:
: * gas line not certified
: * No Comustion Air Source
: * TPR line upward

: I would be willing to make these improvements if only I knew how. Thanks a bunch for any help.

: Craig in New Orleans

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