Me again! More 80 year old basement questions...
Posted by Kari on August 08, 2001 at 11:56:05:
We are in the middle of finishing our laundry room. The previous owners started to finish it, but didn't quite get there. Basically, what we have is an 8.5' x 7' space -- with 2 partially finished walls (the 7' walls), one 8.5' wall with a doorway (but no door), and finally, the back wall *8.5') which is simply the side of the brick -- with lots of pipes and faucets and drains and other scary looking plumbing wonders. Naturally, that's the wall where our washer/dryer hookups are (which is probably why the previous owners didn't finish that wall).

My question is -- can we finish this wall (with either paneling or drywall)? Is there a way to bring the fixtures out, conceal the pipes, and reconfigure the drain from the wash tub so that it's not a hideous mess? Right now the drain from the wash tub consists of a PVC J-Pipe and a black rubber hose that curves to reach the drain. Our washer drains into the laundry tub, as well.

Again, I'd be happy to send someone a digital photo if there is anyone who can decipher this. Your help is greatly appreciated. Like most new homeowners, we're doing everything on a budget -- and it's so nice that there are people who are willing to give their advice for free on the internet.


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